1c7b0e8 Still more work on tests.

Authored and Committed by tibbs 3 years ago
    Still more work on tests.
    Basically Cyrus is completely fine on 64-bit little-endian machines.
    "make check" fails on big-endian machines.  The Cassandane tests fail on
    32-bit machines.
    Some of the Cassandane tests are known to be due to bugs in the tests
    suite; Fedora's 32-bit Perl does not support 64-bit types ("Q" and "q")
    in pack and unpack.  This is being fixed in rawhide on our side, but it
    won't be a complete solution because there are some failures elsewhere
    in the test suite.
    Fedora is the first to fully integrate Cassandane into the build
    process, and we appear to be the only ones to do testing on big-endian
    and 32-bit machines.  So there's a bit of teething still to get through.
    I still do intend to try and push this to F26 as upstream has requested.
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