--------------- Cyrus IMAPd RPM --------------- This is a _very_ 'quick and dirty' install howto. The following steps should lead you to a running Cyrus IMAP server: 1) Install on a distribution which is supported by this RPM. Don't install on a dirty system, where you have previously installed from source. 2) Don't install if you have a previous Cyrus IMAPd installation <=2.1.x on your box. Upgrading any Invoca rpm based installation should be fine. 3) Make sure you understand that this RPM installs in FHS compliant directories, like /var/lib/imap and /var/spool/imap 4) Make sure cyrus-sasl is installed. 5) Make sure saslauthd is running. If not, edit /etc/sysconfig/saslauthd as needed and do 'chkconfig saslauthd on ; service saslauthd start' 6) Install the cyrus-imapd RPMs. 7) If it's your first install of Cyrus IMAPd, then set a password for the cyrus user in whatever database you are using to authenticate. When using a local account, this should be 'passwd cyrus'. 8) Make sure your MTA delivers to Cyrus IMAPd, I recommend LMTP for this. 9) Start Cyrus IMAPd with 'service cyrus-imapd start' 10) Run cyradm and create a user. Usually it's something like this: 'cyradm --user=cyrus --auth=login localhost' 11) If you're using sendmail, be aware that cyrusv2.m4 included in standard sendmail distribution uses socket /var/imap/socket/lmtp while this rpm uses /var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp. 12) Check your syslog configuration. This RPM uses the mail facility to log messages. On busy sites you may want to limit the mail facility to the info priority with something like ' /var/log/maillog' in /etc/syslog.conf. Enjoy!