97501a Move some of the rpm scriptlets back to %posttrans

Authored and Committed by kalev 6 years ago
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    Move some of the rpm scriptlets back to %posttrans
    This partially reverts commit 38d8a9c2.
    glib-compile-schemas and gtk-update-icon-cache are deliberately split up
    between %post and %posttrans to optimize the scriptlet run time with
    multi-package transactions.
    Instead of regenerating the whole icon cache after every single package
    install (in %post), this splits it in two: in %post, there's just a
    "touch %{_datadir}/icons/hicolor", and the icon cache is later
    regenerated once after the whole transaction (in %posttrans). The very
    first gtk-update-icon-cache call in %posttrans regenerates the cache,
    and the subsequent ones are no-op because the icon files (and directory
    timestamps) don't change during the sequential %posttrans runs.
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