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--- thin-provisioning-tools-0.4.1/man8/thin_check.8.orig	2014-10-28 14:19:02.800420873 +0100
+++ thin-provisioning-tools-0.4.1/man8/thin_check.8	2014-10-28 14:19:47.335924554 +0100
@@ -25,6 +25,12 @@
 .IP "\fB\-V, \-\-version\fP"
 Output version information and exit.
+.IP "\fB\-\-clear\-needs\-check\-flag\fP"
+Clear the needs-check-flag in case the check of the thin pool metadata succeeded.
+If the metadata check failed, the flag is not cleared and a thin_repair run is
+needed to fix any issues.
+After thin_repair succeeded, you may run thin_check again.
 .IP "\fB\-\-super\-block\-only\fP"
 Only check the superblock is present.