Packaging dmpd

This is mostly regular package except recent addition of rust to used languages.


To build the rust-tools (make rust-tools) one needs:

  • rust >= 1.35
  • cargo with vendor subcommand (now upstream, included in latest Fedora and RHEL8)

cargo vendpr

  • run cargo vendor in the disrectory with sources
  • run tar czf device-mapper-persistent-data-vendor-$VERSION.tar.gz ./vendor
  • copy the file (if version changed) and run the fedpkg new-sources command:
    • fedpkg new-sources v$VERSION.tar.gz device-mapper-persistent-data-vendor-$VERSION.tar.gz


Some of the dependencies may be already packaged by Fedora. Can we instruct cargo vendor to include only those which are not provided by Fedora?

%cargo_install installs by defualt in /usr/bin but the package expects /usr/sbin. For now I run make install-rust-tools.