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INTERFACE=$1 # The interface which is brought up or down
STATUS=$2 # The new state of the interface

# whenever interface is brought up by NM (rhbz #565921)
if [ "$STATUS" = "up" ]; then
    # wait a few seconds to allow interface startup to complete
    # (important at boot time without this the service still fails
    # time-out for dispatcher script is 3s (rhbz#1003695#8)
    sleep 2
    # restart the services
    # In case this dispatcher script is called several times in a short period of time, it might happen that
    # systemd refuses to further restart the units. Therefore we use reset-failed command to prevent it.
    systemctl -q is-enabled dhcpd.service && systemctl restart dhcpd.service && systemctl reset-failed dhcpd.service
    systemctl -q is-enabled dhcpd6.service && systemctl restart dhcpd6.service && systemctl reset-failed dhcpd6.service

exit 0