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commit 6acfd3125546a0e5db8fae8a9964cd2f88bf68c0
Author: Pavel Zhukov <>
Date:   Tue Oct 22 16:28:04 2019 +0200

    Add dhclient(5) -B option description

diff --git a/client/dhclient.8 b/client/dhclient.8
index 0145b9f..5226de5 100644
--- a/client/dhclient.8
+++ b/client/dhclient.8
@@ -552,6 +552,11 @@ Path to the network configuration script invoked by
 when it gets a lease.  If unspecified, the default
 .B CLIENTBINDIR/dhclient-script
 is used.  See \fBdhclient-script(8)\fR for a description of this file.
+.BI \-B
+Always set the bootp broadcast flag in request packets, so that
+servers will always broadcast replies. This option is provided as
+an extension to enable dhclient to work on IBM s390 Linux guests.
 During operations the client may use multiple UDP ports