365f2e - Move copy-platform to %%{_libdir}/eclipse

Authored and Committed by Ben Konrath 13 years ago
1 file changed. 97 lines added. 15 lines removed.
    - Move copy-platform to %%{_libdir}/eclipse
    - Move the platform.source, icu4j, icu4j.source, help.webapp and
        update.core.linux plugins to %%{_libdir}/eclipse/plugins because it has
        the laucher src zip which is arch specific.
    - Disable building the help indexes on all archs so that we have the same
        doc pluigns on all archs.
    - Remove org.apache.ant_1.6.5/bin/runant.py to avoid multilib conflicts.
    - Repack all the jars and the jars within those jars. This is needed to
        make this package multilib compatible.
    - Put SWT symlinkis in %%{_libdir}/eclipse instead of
file modified
+97 -15