3f0aaa - Add patch for ecj [] classpath problem.

Authored and Committed by Ben Konrath 13 years ago
    - Add patch for ecj [] classpath problem.
    - Remove configuration files from rcp files list.
    - Add patch set bindir and shared config patch to allow the eclipse binary
        to sit in %%{_bindir} and remove the symlinks. This patch also allows
        us to set osgi.sharedConfiguration.area config on a per build basis so
        that the configuration directory can be arch dependant.
    - Remove launcher link patch as the bindir patch removes the requirement
        for this patch.
    - Don't aot-compile org.eclipse.ui.ide to work around rh bug # 175547.
    - Add Requies(post,postun) to all packages to ensure that no files are left
        behind when eclipse is un-installed.
    - Many spec file clean ups.
    - Resolves: #199961, #202585, #210764, #207016.
    - Related: #175547.
file modified
+189 -156