experimental edk2 builds ------------------------ OVMF.stateless.fd OVMF.stateless.secboot.fd OVMF.stateless.secboot.pcr Stateless (== no persistent uefi variables) ovmf build. Has secure boot support, the 'secboot' variant has secure boot enabled. Does not require SMM support. OVMF_CODE.4m.secboot.strictnx.fd OVMF build with strict NX configuration (using r-x for code, rw- for data). Known to not work with some grub and linux kernel versions because they use the wrong memory type for allocations and run into NX faults. Useful for bootloader development and CI. QEMU_EFI.strictnx.fd QEMU_EFI-strictnx-pflash.raw ArmVirt build with strict NX configuration (see above for details). QEMU_EFI.secboot.testonly.fd QEMU_EFI-secboot-testonly-pflash.raw vars-template-secboot-testonly-pflash.raw ArmVirt build with secure boot support. Exposes the secure boot APIs, so they can be used for development / testing / CI. The EFI variable store is NOT protected, therefore the build is NOT suitable for production use.