e2cfd39 0.173-1 - New upstream release

Authored and Committed by mjw 2 years ago
    0.173-1 - New upstream release
    - More fixes for crashes and hangs found by afl-fuzz. In particular
      various functions now detect and break infinite loops caused by bad
      DIE tree cycles.
    - readelf: Will now lookup the size and signedness of constant value
      types to display them correctly (and not just how they were encoded).
    - libdw: New function dwarf_next_lines to read CU-less .debug_line data.
      dwarf_begin_elf now accepts ELF files containing just .debug_line
      or .debug_frame sections (which can be read without needing a DIE
      tree from the .debug_info section).
      Removed dwarf_getscn_info, which was never implemented.
    - backends: Handle BPF simple relocations.
      The RISCV backends now handles ABI specific CFI and knows about
      RISCV register types and names.
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