THIS IS HERE ONLY TO SUPPORT SYSTEMTAP DEVELOPMENT. IT IS NOT FOR GENERAL USE. Building systemtap requires a recent development version of elfutils, which provides libraries for making use of debugging information. This is unfinished work in active development. This code is not intended for general consumption in its present form. Development of these libraries is simultaneous with Systemtap development. The Systemtap code will require new versions as things evolve; the file in the systemtap source tree should always indicate the minimum version of elfutils libraries that will suffice. We will make an effort to make a compatible version available here, that you can use for compiling Systemtap. Current elfutils can always be found in Fedora Core Development, AKA Rawhide. If you are interested in the elfutils code in general or for any purpose other than developing Systemtap, please see about getting involved with Fedora Core Development directly. To use the elfutils libraries to build Systemtap, you can either use installed libraries, or you can build elfutils from source as part of the systemtap build. To use installed libraries, you'll need to have the current elfutils version installed on your system where the compiler will find it with whatever build flags you pass systemtap's configure script. Unless your system already has the current elfutils installed (i.e. Rawhide), you'll have to install a nonstandard build either via RPM or by hand with "make" as detailed below. To build the elfutils source locally as part of the systemtap build, see systemtap's README about the --with-elfutils=... option to systemtap's configure. You can find the rawhide rpms updated daily on a variety of sites (see under core/development. What's distributed in this directory is made trivially from those same sources. The vanilla elfutils code, in elfutils-VERSION.tar.gz and what the rawhide RPMs ordinarily build, can only be built using GCC 4 and a recent glibc. Fedora Core 4 is the only released system meeting the requirements. To rebuild the rawhide src.rpm on an older system, you can use: rpmbuild --with compat --rebuild elfutils-VERSION-N.src.rpm The SRPMS/elfutils-VERSION-0.N.src.rpm provided here is exactly the same as the elfutils-VERSION-N.src.rpm from Rawhide except that it doesn't require that you specify --with compat to build on an older system. We have done this for you for a few architectures, and those RPMs are available here. These were built on RHEL3, and so their requirements should not be too demanding. We must remind you that this is unsupported, pre-beta development code. Furthermore, these builds are completely unofficial, unsupported, unsigned, unlikely to have been tested, unequivocally not guaranteed not to ruin your whole day, and we really cannot recommend that anyone install them on their system. Do so at your own risk. All that said, here they is, and if you copy this file: into your /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory, then you can get them all with just: yum install elfutils-devel To compile elfutils from source by hand, simply use elfutils-VERSION.tar.gz and follow the usual procedure for GNU configure conventions. The patch available here has to be applied before you can compile on an older system: tar xzf elfutils-VERSION.tar.gz patch -p1 -d elfutils-VERSION < elfutils-portability.patch cd elfutils-VERSION ./configure --program-prefix=eu-devel- make && make check && make install (That of course installs things under /usr/local, unlike the RPMs.) Caveat emptor. Carpe noctem. Reply to <>.