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The facter rpms
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This is the packaging for facter, an important dependency of Puppet. The files are downloaded from downloads.puppet.com since they contain GPG signed tarballs, unlike on Rubygems.


Typically you will be notified via release-monitoring, which creates a Bugzilla. Start with bumping the spec and reference the Bugzilla number.

rpmdev-bumpspec facter.spec --new 4.6.0

Then verify whether any (build) requires need to be updated.

Once that's done, retrieve the sources:

spectool --get-files facter.spec

Then upload the sources:

spectool --list-files facter.spec | grep -v 'Source2:' | awk '/https:/ { print $2 }' | xargs -n 1 basename | xargs fedpkg new-sources --offline

If it looks all right, drop the --offline parameter.

Now commit the changes:

BZ=2259042 VERSION=4.6.0 ; git commit -a -m "Update to $VERSION (fixes rhbz#$BZ)"