b0f6e3 Rebase facter to 1.6.14.

Authored and Committed by Michael Stahnke 7 years ago
    Rebase facter to 1.6.14.
    This is a patch to rebase facter to 1.6.14 for rawhide (and should be a
    clean change in F17).  Note I had to add a requires on rpsec (not just
    rspec-core) to make this build cleanly in the %%check phase.
    This patch also removes the asc file, as it is never (and has never
    been) used in the process of making the facter package.
    rpmlint looks reasonable to me upon build.
    Bugzilla: 871211
    Signed-off-by: Michael Stahnke <stahnma@puppetlabs.com>
file removed
file modified
+9 -8