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# Before modifying this package to add or remove obsoletes, please consult the
# packaging committee:

# For each obsolete added, please include a reference to the relevant FPC
# ticket, information about which releases need the obsolete, and when the
# obsolete can be removed.

Name:       fedora-obsolete-packages
Version:    26
Release:    1
Summary:    A package to obsolete retired packages

# This package has no actual content; there is nothing to license.
License:    Public Domain
BuildArch:  noarch

# This package has no sources, nothing to prep, build or install, and no files.

This package exists only to obsolete other packages which need to be removed
from the distribution for some reason.


* Wed Sep 14 2016 Jason L Tibbitts III <> - 26-1
- Initial release; nothing to obsolete yet.