a6579f - patch from Matthew Miller to update to 1.95. Full changelog below

Authored and Committed by Jonathan Blandford 15 years ago
    - patch from Matthew Miller to update to 1.95. Full changelog below
    Mon Feb 7 2005 Matthew Miller <mattdm@mattdm.org> 1.95-0.mattdm8
    - put speech-tools binaries in /usr/libexec/speech-tools so as to not
        clutter /usr/bin. Another approach would be to make speech-tools a
        separate package and to make these utilities a subpackage of that.
    - macro-ize /usr/bin, /usr/lib, /usr/include
    Sun Feb 6 2005 Matthew Miller <mattdm@mattdm.org> 1.95-0.mattdm6
    - worked on this some more
    - made actually work -- put back rest of fsstnd patch which I had broken
    - made kludge for lack of sonames in shared libraries -- I think I did the
        right thing
    - put back american as the default -- british dicts are non-free.
    Wed Jan 5 2005 Matthew Miller <mattdm@mattdm.org> 1.95-0.mattdm1
    - preliminary update to 1.95 beta
    - add really nice CMU_ARCTIC HTS voices, which is the whole point of
        wanting to do this. (They have a free license.)
    - switch to festvox.org north american upstream urls
    - keep old doc files -- there's no new ones yet.
    - add comment to specfile about reason for lack of OALD (British) voices --
        they've got a more restrictive license.
    - change license to "X11-style", because that's how they describe it.
    - remove exclusivearch. I dunno if this builds on other archs, but I also
        don't know why it wouldn't.
    - fancier buildroot string, 'cause hey, why not.
    - more "datadir" macros
    - remove most of Patch0 (fsstnd) -- can be done by setting variables
        instead. there's some bits in speechtools still, though
    - update Patch3 (shared-build)
    - don't apply patches 20 and 21 -- no longer needed.
    - disable adding "FreeBSD" and "OpenBSD" to the dictionary for now.
        Probably a whole list of geek words should be added. Also, the patch
        was applied in an icky kludgy way.
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