Differences between upstream and the Fedora package =================================================== * In /usr/bin you have isql-fb for Firebird isql. We can't name it isql to avoid conflict with isql from UNIX-ODBC. In /usr/bin you have also gstat-fb for Firebird gstat. We can't name it gstat to avoid conflict with gstat from Ganglia-gmond. * By default, Firebird is set as superserver mode. Please read the Firebird doc if you want to change the mode. To help you, you have systemd units in /usr/share/firebird/misc. * According to Fedora packaging rules, firebird service is not started automatically. You need to start it, as root : for SuperServer : systemctl start firebird-superserver.service If you want to have firebird started at each boot, as root : for SuperServer : systemctl enable firebird-superserver.service