#6 Provide systemd packages
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rpms/ yselkowitz/flatpak-runtime-config kde  into  f37

@@ -23,6 +23,13 @@ 


  Requires:       fontpackages-filesystem


+ # workaround for packages needlessly requiring systemd

+ # version must remain LOWER than the currently stable package

+ Provides:       systemd = 250

+ Provides:       systemd-pam = 250

+ Provides:       systemd-udev = 250

+ Provides:       udev = 250



  This package includes configuration files that are installed into the flatpak

  runtime filesystem during the runtime creation process; it is also installed

These belong on the host, but a lot of packages have hard dependencies thereon. Providing these here avoids the need to fix all those immediately.

This is needed in f37 to unblock the KDE 5 runtime. I made some progress towards fixing this in f38 before beta freeze, but until I can try building for that version I won't know if more work is needed or not. Ultimately these requires still need to be fixed in order to avoid them showing in make update for the runtimes and fedmod rpm2flatpak (not that it really supports KDE runtimes yet in general) for creating new apps, but once manually removed from the package list, this does allow things to build, and I don't think it will cause any harm.

This is fine for me if this speeds things up while we fix things in packages.

Sure, fine with me as well.

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