This package supports working with patch files using quilt. To regenerate the quilt series file run: ./ Setup environment: export QUILT_PATCHES=$PWD Setup the source: ./ [-f] Use `-f` if you want to have quilt-patch always remove the existing source directory before starting. Otherwise you'll be patching on top of an already patched tree generated perhaps by `*pkg prep`. To add a new patch: Option 1: Create a new patch: cd flex-2.6.1/ quilt new flex-rh1439367.patch quilt add tests/test-bison-yylloc/parser.y # edit tests/test-bison-yylloc/parser.y # you may add and edit several files in the same fashion Option 2: Add an already prepared patch (e.g. from an upstream commit): cd flex-2.6.1/ quilt import -P flex-rh1439367.patch ~/backport/obsolete-bison.patch quilt push # if this fails, manually deal with conflicts (as in Option 1) Finally: quilt refresh -p ab cd .. git add flex-rh1439367.patch # edit flex.spec to build with the new patch git add flex.spec git commit You're done!