HOW TO USE THE Z88SDK WITH FUSE ------------------------------- Using the Z88 SDK with fuse is a very simple operation. Grab a copy of the rpm, install and write your code, as you would, in C. Next, compile and target the ZX Spectrum zcc +zx <your-source>.c -o <output-name>.bin -lndos Assuming all is well, your code will be generated. THIS IS NOT AN EXECUTABLE! Load up Fuse. Click on File, move to "Open Binary Data". The usual filer window opens. Select the file you've just compiled and click "Open". The filer closes and you're presented with another window asking for a start address. You can enter any number from about 25000. For this explaination, I would use 32768. Click OK. Your .bin file is now in memory. To run the code, press the following keys T, ctrl + shift (the cursor turns to a white on black E), L 32768 return. On screen you will see the words RANDOMISE USR 32768 before you press return. When you press return, the code will be executed. That's about it!