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.TH "UPDATE-GAP-WORKSPACE" "1" "July 2003" "GAP" "User Commands"
update-gap-workspace \- manage a GAP workspace.
\&update-gap-workspace update
Create or update the GAP workspace.
\&update-gap-workspace delete
Delete the GAP workspace.
At start up, GAP load all libraries and packages available on the system.
This take several seconds. To save time, GAP can store the result of
this initialisation in a `workspace'.
.I update-gap-workspace
help to manage such workspaces.
.I update-gap-workspace
can be run as root to manage the system-wide workspace.
.I update-gap-workspace
can be run as a normal user. In this case the workspace is stored in
Note that you need to rebuild the workspace each time GAP packages are
added, removed or updated. To automate that task, if the system-wide
workspace exists, it is automatically updated whenever a GAP-related
Debian package is installed or upgraded.
The gap script will automatically load such workspace at start up.
.I /var/lib/gap/workspace.gz:
The system-wide GAP workspace.
.I $HOME/gap/workspace.gz:
The user-specific GAP workspace.
.I gap(1),
.I The \`SaveWorkspace' function in the GAP manual.
Bill Allombert <>