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 gcl (2.6.12-62) unstable; urgency=medium
   * list_order.22
Author: Camm Maguire <>

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Last-Update: 2018-02-01

--- gcl-2.6.12.orig/cmpnew/gcl_cmpmain.lsp
+++ gcl-2.6.12/cmpnew/gcl_cmpmain.lsp
@@ -658,7 +658,7 @@ Cannot compile ~a.~%"
 (defun make-user-init (files outn)
   (let* ((c (pathname outn))
-	 (c (merge-pathnames c (make-pathname :directory '(:current))))
+	 (c (merge-pathnames c (make-pathname :directory '(:relative))))
 	 (o (merge-pathnames (make-pathname :type "o") c))
 	 (c (merge-pathnames (make-pathname :type "c") c)))
@@ -769,7 +769,7 @@ Cannot compile ~a.~%"
     (with-open-file (st (namestring map) :direction :output))
-     (let* ((par (namestring (make-pathname :directory '(:back))))
+     (let* ((par (namestring (make-pathname :directory '(:relative :back))))
 	    (i (concatenate 'string " " par))
 	    (j (concatenate 'string " " si::*system-directory* par)))
        (format nil "~a ~a ~a ~a -L~a ~a ~a ~a"
--- gcl-2.6.12.orig/gcl-tk/makefile
+++ gcl-2.6.12/gcl-tk/makefile
@@ -38,13 +38,13 @@ clean::
 	rm -f ${GUIOS} $(OFILES) gcltkaux gcltksrv *.o */*.o demos/index.lsp *.fn demos/*.fn
-	$(GCLTKCC) -c $(CFLAGS1) ${ODIR_DEBUG}  $*.c
+	$(GCLTKCC) -c $(filter-out -pg,$(CFLAGS1)) -fPIE ${ODIR_DEBUG}  $*.c
 # for some reason -lieee is on various linux systems in the list of requireds..
 gcltkaux:  $(GUIOS)
+	$(LD_ORDINARY_CC) $(GUIOS) $(filter-out %gcl.script,$(LDFLAGS)) -pie -o gcltkaux  ${TK_LIB_SPEC} ${TCL_LIB_SPEC}
 gcltksrv: makefile
 	cat | sed -e "s!TK_LIBRARY=.*!TK_LIBRARY=${TK_LIBRARY}!g" \
--- gcl-2.6.12.orig/h/386-gnu.h
+++ gcl-2.6.12/h/386-gnu.h
@@ -60,4 +60,4 @@
-#define DEFINED_REAL_MAXPAGE (1UL<<18) /*FIXME brk probe broken*/
+#undef HAVE_D_TYPE /*FIXME defined, but not implemented in readdir*/
--- gcl-2.6.12.orig/o/unixfsys.c
+++ gcl-2.6.12/o/unixfsys.c
@@ -307,8 +307,11 @@ DEFUN_NEW("D-TYPE-LIST",object,fSd_type_
+#undef DT_UNKNOWN
 #define DT_UNKNOWN 0
+#undef DT_REG
 #define DT_REG 1
+#undef DT_DIR
 #define DT_DIR 2