#20 Enable arrow and libdeflate
Merged 3 months ago by smani. Opened 3 months ago by lnicola.
rpms/ lnicola/gdal rawhide  into  rawhide

file modified
@@ -88,7 +88,9 @@ 

  BuildRequires: hdf-devel

  BuildRequires: hdf5-devel

  BuildRequires: json-c-devel

+ BuildRequires: libarrow-devel

  BuildRequires: libdap-devel

+ BuildRequires: libdeflate-devel

  BuildRequires: libgeotiff-devel

  BuildRequires: libgta-devel

  BuildRequires: libjpeg-devel

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3 months ago

I suppose this is only good for rawhide and not f39, right?

Oh, looks like it failef on i686?

Looks like libarrow is restricted to 64bit arches, see [1].

As soon as the f40 build is successfull I'll backport to f39.

[1] https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/libarrow/blob/rawhide/f/libarrow.spec

Oh, that's awful. Can we restrict that BuildDepends to x86-64 and aarch64? I don't know much about writing specfiles.

Build succeeded.