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# Recognize i386 signal trampolines before CFI.  Ensures that signal
# frames are identified as signal frames.
Patch101: gdb-6.3-sigx86-20040621.patch
= Maybe - no longer needed as glibc has CFI now.
= TODO: Check non-x86 arches

# Fix to ensure types are visible
Patch120: gdb-6.3-type-fix-20041213.patch
= not aware why it was there

# Tolerate DW_AT_type referencing <0>.
Patch139: gdb-6.3-dwattype0-20050201.patch
= not aware why it was there

# Do not let errors related with debug registers break thread debugging.
Patch178: gdb-6.3-catch-debug-registers-error-20060527.patch
= i386 debug registers are always accessible by ptrace,
= the ia64 bug is both gone and also RHEL-6 ia64 no longer supports i386

# Cope with waitpid modifying status even when returning zero, as on
# ia32el.
Patch179: gdb-6.3-ia32el-fix-waitpid-20060615.patch
= broken i386 emulation on ia64, no longer supported

# Fixed the kernel i386-on-x86_64 VDSO loading (producing `Lowest section in').
Patch277: gdb-6.6-vdso-i386-on-amd64-warning.patch
= IMO no longer needed on 4KB VDSO again

# Fix rereading of the main executable on its change.
Patch283: gdb-6.7-reread-exec_bfd.patch
= upstream

# Backport fix of a segfault + PIE regression since 6.7.1 on PIE executables.
Patch306: gdb-6.8-watchpoint-inaccessible-memory.patch
= upstream

# Enable program counter for processing PTID to PC (sparc/sparc64)
Patch316: gdb-6.8-sparc-fix.patch
= upstream

# Protect development in the build tree by automatic Makefile dependencies.
Patch321: gdb-6.8-auto-dependencies.patch
= upstream

# Disable randomization (such as by setarch -R), suggested by Jakub Jelinek.
Patch323: gdb-6.8-disable-randomization.patch
= upstream

# Force build failure for missing libraries for --enable-tui.
Patch325: gdb-6.8-forced-enable-tui.patch
= upstream

# Fix crash on DW_TAG_module for Fortran in recent Fedora/RH GCCs.
Patch333: gdb-6.8-fortran-module-ignore.patch
= upstream

# Fix attaching to stopped processes and/or pending signals.
Patch336: gdb-6.8-attach-signalled-upstream.patch
= upstream

# Fix occasional stepping lockup on many threads, seen on ia64.
Patch342: gdb-6.8-ia64-breakpoint-restoration.patch
= upstream

# Fix occasional crash on a removed watchpoint.
Patch338: gdb-6.8-breakpoint-gone.patch
= upstream

# Fix/implement the Fortran dynamic arrays support (BZ 377541).
# Fix the variable-length-arrays support (BZ 468266, feature BZ 377541).
Patch345: gdb-6.8-bz377541-vla-bound-undefined.patch
= upstream
Patch346: gdb-6.8-bz377541-vla-loc-kind.patch
= upstream