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2007-10-16  Jan Kratochvil  <>

	Port to GDB-6.7.

Index: gdb-6.7/gdb/doc/
--- gdb-6.7.orig/gdb/doc/	2007-07-26 12:34:00.000000000 +0200
+++ gdb-6.7/gdb/doc/	2007-10-16 16:31:08.000000000 +0200
@@ -109,9 +109,7 @@ DVIPS = dvips
 	$(srcdir)/fdl.texi \
 	$(srcdir)/gpl.texi \
-	$(srcdir)/agentexpr.texi \
-	$(READLINE_DIR)/rluser.texi \
-	$(READLINE_DIR)/inc-hist.texinfo
+	$(srcdir)/agentexpr.texi
 	gdb-cfg.texi \
Index: gdb-6.7/gdb/doc/gdb.texinfo
--- gdb-6.7.orig/gdb/doc/gdb.texinfo	2007-10-16 16:19:19.000000000 +0200
+++ gdb-6.7/gdb/doc/gdb.texinfo	2007-10-16 16:32:10.000000000 +0200
@@ -158,8 +158,8 @@ software in general.  We will miss him.
 * GDB Bugs::                    Reporting bugs in @value{GDBN}
-* Command Line Editing::        Command Line Editing
-* Using History Interactively:: Using History Interactively
+* Command Line Editing: (rluserman).       Command Line Editing
+* Using History Interactively: (history).  Using History Interactively
 * Formatting Documentation::    How to format and print @value{GDBN} documentation
 * Installing GDB::              Installing GDB
 * Maintenance Commands::        Maintenance Commands
@@ -15533,7 +15533,7 @@ Disable command line editing.
 Show whether command line editing is enabled.
 @end table
-@xref{Command Line Editing}, for more details about the Readline
+@xref{Command Line Editing, , , rluserman, GNU Readline Library}, for more details about the Readline
 interface.  Users unfamiliar with @sc{gnu} Emacs or @code{vi} are
 encouraged to read that chapter.
@@ -15548,7 +15548,8 @@ history facility.
 @value{GDBN} uses the @sc{gnu} History library, a part of the Readline
 package, to provide the history facility.  @xref{Using History
-Interactively}, for the detailed description of the History library.
+Interactively, , , history, GNU History Library}, for the detailed description
+of the History library.
 To issue a command to @value{GDBN} without affecting certain aspects of
 the state which is seen by users, prefix it with @samp{server }
@@ -15600,7 +15601,7 @@ This defaults to the value of the enviro
 @end table
 History expansion assigns special meaning to the character @kbd{!}.
-@xref{Event Designators}, for more details.
+@xref{Event Designators, , , history, GNU History Library}, for more details.
 @cindex history expansion, turn on/off
 Since @kbd{!} is also the logical not operator in C, history expansion
@@ -16660,7 +16661,8 @@ Indicates the current program counter ad
 @cindex TUI key bindings
 The TUI installs several key bindings in the readline keymaps
-(@pxref{Command Line Editing}).  The following key bindings
+(@pxref{Command Line Editing, , , rluserman, GNU Readline Library}).
+The following key bindings
 are installed for both TUI mode and the @value{GDBN} standard mode.
 @table @kbd
@@ -21937,15 +21939,6 @@ Such guesses are usually wrong.  Even we
 things without first using the debugger to find the facts.
 @end itemize
-@c The readline documentation is distributed with the readline code
-@c and consists of the two following files:
-@c     rluser.texinfo
-@c     inc-hist.texinfo
-@c Use -I with makeinfo to point to the appropriate directory,
-@c environment var TEXINPUTS with TeX.
-@include rluser.texi
-@include inc-hist.texinfo
 @node Formatting Documentation
 @appendix Formatting Documentation
@@ -22115,9 +22108,6 @@ source for the @samp{-liberty} free soft
 @item gdb-@value{GDBVN}/opcodes
 source for the library of opcode tables and disassemblers
-@item gdb-@value{GDBVN}/readline
-source for the @sc{gnu} command-line interface
 @item gdb-@value{GDBVN}/glob
 source for the @sc{gnu} filename pattern-matching subroutine
@@ -22149,7 +22139,7 @@ where @var{host} is an identifier such a
 correct value by examining your system.)
 Running @samp{configure @var{host}} and then running @code{make} builds the
-@file{bfd}, @file{readline}, @file{mmalloc}, and @file{libiberty}
+@file{bfd}, @file{mmalloc}, and @file{libiberty}
 libraries, then @code{gdb} itself.  The configured source files, and the
 binaries, are left in the corresponding source directories.
@@ -22175,7 +22165,7 @@ source tree, the @file{gdb-@var{version-
 that subdirectory.  That is usually not what you want.  In particular,
 if you run the first @file{configure} from the @file{gdb} subdirectory
 of the @file{gdb-@var{version-number}} directory, you will omit the
-configuration of @file{bfd}, @file{readline}, and other sibling
+configuration of @file{bfd}, and other sibling
 directories of the @file{gdb} subdirectory.  This leads to build errors
 about missing include files such as @file{bfd/bfd.h}.