d50521f - Backport the gcc-4.3 compatibility -Werror fixes.

Authored and Committed by jkratoch 13 years ago
    - Backport the gcc-4.3 compatibility -Werror fixes.
    - Fix documentation on hardware watchpoints wrt multiple threads.
    - Rename the patch file for BZ 235197 from its former name 234468.
    - Fix the vendora testcase `attach-32.exp' affecting the other tests
    - Support DW_TAG_interface_type the same way as DW_TAG_class_type (BZ
gdb-6.6-bz235197-fork-detach-info.patch gdb-6.6-bz234468-fork-detach-info.patch
file renamed
file was renamed with no change to the file
gdb-6.6-multifork-debugreg.patch gdb-6.6-multifork-debugreg-for-i386-and-x86_64.patch
file renamed
+162 -7
file modified
+50 -0
file modified
+16 -3