e3c8b47 - Remove `gdb-6.3-nonthreaded-wp-20050117.patch' as obsoleted + regressing

Authored and Committed by jkratoch 12 years ago
    - Remove `gdb-6.3-nonthreaded-wp-20050117.patch' as obsoleted + regressing
    - Make the GDB quit processing non-abortable to cleanup everything
    - Support DW_TAG_constant for Fortran in recent Fedora/RH GCCs.
    - Fix crash on DW_TAG_module for Fortran in recent Fedora/RH GCCs.
    - Readd resolving of bare names of constructors and destructors.
    - Include various vendor testcases:
    - Leftover zombie process (BZ 243845).
    - Multithreaded watchpoints (`gdb.threads/watchthreads2.exp').
    - PIE testcases (`gdb.pie/*').
    - C++ contructors/destructors (`gdb.cp/constructortest.exp').
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