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# generated by cabal-rpm-1.0.1

%global pkg_name haskell-src-meta
%global pkgver %{pkg_name}-%{version}

%bcond_with tests

Name:           ghc-%{pkg_name}
Version:        0.8.2
Release:        1%{?dist}
Summary:        Parse source to template-haskell abstract syntax

License:        BSD
Url:  {pkg_name}
# Begin cabal-rpm sources:
# End cabal-rpm sources

# Begin cabal-rpm deps:
BuildRequires:  ghc-Cabal-devel
BuildRequires:  ghc-rpm-macros
BuildRequires:  ghc-base-prof
BuildRequires:  ghc-haskell-src-exts-prof
BuildRequires:  ghc-pretty-prof
BuildRequires:  ghc-syb-prof
BuildRequires:  ghc-template-haskell-prof
BuildRequires:  ghc-th-orphans-prof
%if %{with tests}
BuildRequires:  ghc-HUnit-devel
BuildRequires:  ghc-containers-devel
BuildRequires:  ghc-test-framework-devel
BuildRequires:  ghc-test-framework-hunit-devel
# End cabal-rpm deps

The translation from haskell-src-exts abstract syntax to template-haskell
abstract syntax isn't 100% complete yet.

%package devel
Summary:        Haskell %{pkg_name} library development files
Provides:       %{name}-static = %{version}-%{release}
Provides:       %{name}-static%{?_isa} = %{version}-%{release}
%if %{defined ghc_version}
Requires:       ghc-compiler = %{ghc_version}
Requires:       %{name}%{?_isa} = %{version}-%{release}

%description devel
This package provides the Haskell %{pkg_name} library development

%if %{with haddock}
%package doc
Summary:        Haskell %{pkg_name} library documentation

%description doc
This package provides the Haskell %{pkg_name} library documentation.

%if %{with ghc_prof}
%package prof
Summary:        Haskell %{pkg_name} profiling library
Requires:       %{name}-devel%{?_isa} = %{version}-%{release}

%description prof
This package provides the Haskell %{pkg_name} profiling library.

# Begin cabal-rpm setup:
%setup -q -n %{pkgver}
# End cabal-rpm setup

# Begin cabal-rpm build:
# End cabal-rpm build

# Begin cabal-rpm install
# End cabal-rpm install


%files -f %{name}.files
# Begin cabal-rpm files:
%license LICENSE
# End cabal-rpm files

%files devel -f %{name}-devel.files
%doc ChangeLog examples

%if %{with haddock}
%files doc -f %{name}-doc.files

%if %{with ghc_prof}
%files prof -f %{name}-prof.files

* Thu Jul 25 2019 Jens Petersen <> - 0.8.2-1
- update to 0.8.2

* Thu Jul 25 2019 Fedora Release Engineering <> -
- Rebuilt for

* Sun Mar 10 2019 Jens Petersen <> -
- bump over hledger

* Fri Mar  1 2019 Fedora Haskell SIG <> -
- spec file generated by cabal-rpm-0.13.1