#2 Add %%check with meson tests
Opened 10 months ago by yaneti. Modified 10 months ago
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@@ -51,6 +51,9 @@ 

  %meson -Dinstalled_tests=true



+ %check

+ %meson_test





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10 months ago

Be advised that in current rawhide the connection test fails . So that should be sorted out before merging.

All of the tests will randomly fail; you just haven't run them enough to notice yet. I wouldn't recommend enabling these downstream until I manage to fix them. :)

FWIW the connection test failure is not at all random here. Fails every time and in the same test..

Maybe due to TLS 1.3 enablement in rawhide. I haven't tested that yet. TLS 1.3 is still not enabled by default upstream, only in Fedora 29....