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The Fedora /etc/nsswitch.conf is based largely on the upstream
version with minor downstream distribution modifications for
use with SSSD and systemd.

diff --git a/nss/nsswitch.conf b/nss/nsswitch.conf
index 4a6bcb1f7bc0b1f4..980a68e32e6a04b8 100644
--- a/nss/nsswitch.conf
+++ b/nss/nsswitch.conf
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 # /etc/nsswitch.conf
-# An example Name Service Switch config file. This file should be
+# Name Service Switch config file. This file should be
 # sorted with the most-used services at the beginning.
 # Valid databases are: aliases, ethers, group, gshadow, hosts,
@@ -52,19 +52,21 @@
 # shadow:    db files
 # group:     db files
-# In alphabetical order. Re-order as required to optimize peformance.
+# In order of likelihood of use to accelerate lookup.
+passwd:     sss files
+shadow:     files
+group:      sss files
+hosts:      files dns myhostname
+services:   files sss
+netgroup:   sss
+automount:  files sss
 aliases:    files
 ethers:     files
-group:      files
 gshadow:    files
-hosts:      files dns
 # Allow initgroups to default to the setting for group.
 # initgroups: files
-netgroup:   files
 networks:   files dns
-passwd:     files
 protocols:  files
 publickey:  files
 rpc:        files
-shadow:     files
-services:   files