0aab7e Auto-sync with upstream branch master,

Authored and Committed by fweimer 3 months ago
    Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    Upstream commit: ffb17e7ba3a5ba9632cee97330b325072fbe41dd
    - rtld: Avoid using up static TLS surplus for optimizations [BZ #25051]
    - rtld: Account static TLS surplus for audit modules
    - rtld: Add rtld.nns tunable for the number of supported namespaces
    - Remove --enable-obsolete-nsl configure flag
    - Move non-deprecated RPC-related functions from sunrpc to inet
    - aarch64: add NEWS entry about branch protection support
    - aarch64: redefine RETURN_ADDRESS to strip PAC
    - aarch64: fix pac-ret support in _mcount
    - aarch64: Add pac-ret support to assembly files
    - aarch64: configure check for pac-ret code generation
    - aarch64: ensure objects are BTI compatible
    - aarch64: enable BTI at runtime
    - aarch64: fix RTLD_START for BTI
    - aarch64: fix swapcontext for BTI
    - aarch64: Add BTI support to assembly files
    - aarch64: Rename place holder .S files to .c
    - aarch64: configure test for BTI support
    - Rewrite abi-note.S in C.
    - rtld: Clean up PT_NOTE and add PT_GNU_PROPERTY handling
    - string: Move tst-strsignal tst-strerror to tests-container
    - string: Fix prototype mismatch in sigabbrev_np, __sigdescr_np
    - arm: CVE-2020-6096: Fix multiarch memcpy for negative length (#1820332)
    - arm: CVE-2020-6096: fix memcpy and memmove for negative length (#1820332)
    - sunrpc: Remove hidden aliases for global data symbols (bug 26210)
    - hurd: Fix strerror not setting errno
    - tst-strsignal: fix checking for RT signals support
    - hurd: Evaluate fd before entering the critical section
    - CVE-2016-10228: Rewrite iconv option parsing (#1428292)
    - nss: Remove cryptographic key support from nss_files, nss_nis, nss_nisplus
    - sunrpc: Do not export getrpcport by default
    - sunrpc: Do not export key handling hooks by default
    - sunrpc: Turn clnt_sperrno into a libc_hidden_nolink_sunrpc symbol
    - string: Add strerrorname_np and strerrordesc_np
    - string: Add sigabbrev_np and sigdescr_np
    - string: Add strerror_l on test-strerror-errno
    - string: Add strerror, strerror_r, and strerror_l test
    - string: Add strsignal test
    - string: Simplify strerror_r
    - string: Use tls-internal on strerror_l
    - string: Implement strerror in terms of strerror_l
    - string: Remove old TLS usage on strsignal
    - linux: Fix __NSIG_WORDS and add __NSIG_BYTES
    - signal: Move sys_errlist to a compat symbol
    - signal: Move sys_siglist to a compat symbol
    - signal: Add signum-{generic,arch}.h
    - Remove most vfprintf width/precision-dependent allocations (bug 14231, bug 26211).
    - elf: Do not signal LA_ACT_CONSISTENT for an empty namespace [BZ #26076]
    - Fix stringop-overflow errors from gcc 10 in iconv.
    - x86: Add thresholds for "rep movsb/stosb" to tunables
    - Use C2x return value from getpayload of non-NaN (bug 26073).
    - x86: Detect Extended Feature Disable (XFD)
    - x86: Correct bit_cpu_CLFSH [BZ #26208]
    - manual: Document __libc_single_threaded
    - Add the __libc_single_threaded variable
    - Linux: rseq registration tests
    - Linux: Use rseq in sched_getcpu if available
    - Linux: Perform rseq registration at C startup and thread creation
    - tst-cancel4: deal with ENOSYS errors
    - manual: Show copyright information not just in the printed manual
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