0cfa270 Auto-sync with upstream branch master

Authored and Committed by djdelorie 8 months ago
    Auto-sync with upstream branch master
    Upstream commit: 978e8ac39f8ba2d694031e521511da1ae803ccfc
    - Suppress GCC 10 true positive warnings [BZ #25967]
    - POWER: Add context-synchronizing instructions to pkey_write [BZ #25954]
    - hurd: Add missing sigstate members initialization
    - x86-64: Use RDX_LP on __x86_shared_non_temporal_threshold [BZ #25966]
    - linux: Remove assembly umount2 implementation
    - signal: Use <sigsetops.h> for sigemptyset, sigfillset
    - ckb_IQ, or_IN locales: Add missing reorder-end keywords
    - semaphore: consolidate arch headers into a generic one
    - Use GCC 10 branch in build-many-glibcs.py.
    - Document the internal _ and N_ macros
    - y2038: Provide conversion helpers for struct __timex64
    - y2038: Introduce struct __timex64 - new internal glibc type
    - y2038: include: Move struct __timeval64 definition to a separate file
    - y2038: nscd: Modify nscd_helper to use __clock_gettime64
    - y2038: inet: Convert inet deadline to support 64 bit time
    - y2038: hurd: Provide __clock_gettime64 function
    - y2038: Export __clock_gettime64 to be usable in other libraries
    - manual: Document the O_NOFOLLOW open flag
    - powerpc64le/power9: guard power9 strcmp against rtld usage [BZ# 25905]
    - float128: use builtin_signbitf128 always
    - improve out-of-bounds checking with GCC 10 attribute access [BZ #25219]
    - nios2: delete sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/nios2/kernel-features.h
    - powerpc: Rename argN to _argN in LOADARGS_N [BZ #25902]
    - locale/tst-localedef-path-norm: Don't create $(complocaledir)
    - support: Set errno before testing it.
    - localedef: Add tests-container test for --no-hard-links.
    - test-container: Support $(complocaledir) and mkdirp.
    - i386: Remove unused variable in sysdeps/x86/cacheinfo.c
    - Add a C wrapper for prctl [BZ #25896]
    - powerpc64le: Enable support for IEEE long double
    - powerpc64le: blacklist broken GCC compilers (e.g GCC 7.5.0)
    - powerpc64le: bump binutils version requirement to >= 2.26
    - powerpc64le: raise GCC requirement to 7.4 for long double transition
    - ldbl-128ibm-compat: workaround GCC 9 C++ PR90731
    - x86: Add the test case of __get_cpu_features support for Zhaoxin processors
    - x86: Add cache information support for Zhaoxin processors
    - x86: Add CPU Vendor ID detection support for Zhaoxin processors
    - Update translations
    - Add C wrappers for process_vm_readv/process_vm_writev [BZ #25810]
    - generic/typesizes.h: Add support for 32-bit arches with 64-bit types
    - semctl: Remove the sem-pad.h file
    - bits/sem.h: Split out struct semid_ds
    - Mark unsigned long arguments with U in more syscalls [BZ #25810]
    - elf: Add initial flag argument to __libc_early_init
    - Add SYSCALL_ULONG_ARG_[12] to pass long to syscall [BZ #25810]
    - Makeconfig: Use $(error ...) to output error message
    - manual: Fix typos in the fexecve description
    - misc: Remove sstk from the autogenerated system call list
    - Remove unused floating-point configuration from gmp-impl.h.
    - support: Implement <support/xthread.h> key create/delete
    - nptl/tst-setuid1-static: Improve isolation from system objects
    - Increase the timeout of locale/tst-localedef-path-norm
    - Use 2020 as copyright year.
    - misc: Turn sstk into a compat symbol
    - manual: Document the fexecve function
    - nptl: Start new threads with all signals blocked [BZ #25098]
    - localedef: Add verbose messages for failure paths.
    - Remove most gmp-mparam.h headers.
    - elf: Implement __libc_early_init
    - elf: Introduce <elf_machine_sym_no_match.h>
    - Add a syscall test for [BZ #25810]
    - elf: Support lld-style link map for librtld.map
    - signal: Only handle on NSIG signals on signal functions (BZ #25657)
    - linux: Use pthread_sigmask on sigprocmask
    - ia64: Remove sigprocmask/sigblock objects from libpthread
    - nptl: Move pthread_sigmask implementation to libc
    - Bug 25819: Update to Unicode 13.0.0
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