53b7c46 Auto-sync with upstream branch master

Authored and Committed by codonell a year ago
    Auto-sync with upstream branch master
    Upstream commit: b8c210bcc74840d24c61d39bde15bea9daf3e271
    - mnw_MM, my_MM, and shn_MM locales: Do not use %Op
    - Avoid compat symbols for totalorder in powerpc64le IEEE long double
    - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Add *cvt functions
    - Refactor *cvt functions implementation (2/2)
    - Refactor *cvt functions implementation (1/2)
    - Add exception-based flags for wait4
    - aarch64: Optimized memset for Kunpeng processor.
    - aarch64: Optimized strlen for strlen_asimd
    - aarch64: Add Huawei Kunpeng to tunable cpu list
    - aarch64: Optimized implementation of memrchr
    - aarch64: Optimized implementation of strnlen
    - aarch64: Optimized implementation of strcpy
    - aarch64: Optimized implementation of memcmp
    - Consolidate wait3 implementations
    - Implement waitpid in terms of wait4
    - linux: Use waitid on wait4 if __NR_wait4 is not defined
    - Implement wait in terms of waitpid
    - nptl: Move waitpid implementation to libc
    - nptl: Move wait implementation to libc
    - Remove __waitpid_nocancel
    - Fix test isolation for elf/tst-ifunc-fault-lazy, elf/tst-ifunc-fault-bindnow
    - Fix __libc_signal_block_all on sparc64
    - powerpc: Do not run IFUNC resolvers for LD_DEBUG=unused [BZ #24214]
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