6cd5b0 Auto-sync with upstream branch master

Authored and Committed by Patsy Griffin 2 months ago
    Auto-sync with upstream branch master
    Upstream commit: 86a912c8634f581ea42ec6973553dde7f058cfbf
    - Update i686 ulps.
    - Use LFS readdir in generic POSIX getcwd [BZ# 22899]
    - linux: Remove __ASSUME_ATFCTS
    - Sync getcwd with gnulib
    - x86-64: Fix FMA4 detection in ifunc [BZ #26534]
    - y2038: nptl: Convert pthread_cond_{clock|timed}wait to support 64 bit time
    - malloc: Fix mallinfo deprecation declaration
    - x32: Add <fixup-asm-unistd.h> and regenerate arch-syscall.h
    - Add mallinfo2 function that support sizes >= 4GB.
    - Remove obsolete default/nss code
    - AArch64: Improve backwards memmove performance
    - Add RISC-V 32-bit target to build-many-glibcs.py
    - Documentation for the RISC-V 32-bit port
    - RISC-V: Build infrastructure for 32-bit port
    - RISC-V: Add rv32 path to RTLDLIST in ldd
    - riscv32: Specify the arch_minimum_kernel as 5.4
    - RISC-V: Fix llrint and llround missing exceptions on RV32
    - RISC-V: Add the RV32 libm-test-ulps
    - RISC-V: Add 32-bit ABI lists
    - RISC-V: Add hard float support for 32-bit CPUs
    - RISC-V: Support the 32-bit ABI implementation
    - RISC-V: Add arch-syscall.h for RV32
    - RISC-V: Add path of library directories for the 32-bit
    - RISC-V: Support dynamic loader for the 32-bit
    - RISC-V: Add support for 32-bit vDSO calls
    - RISC-V: Use 64-bit-time syscall numbers with the 32-bit port
    - RISC-V: Cleanup some of the sysdep.h code
    - RISC-V: Use 64-bit time_t and off_t for RV32 and RV64
    - io/lockf: Include bits/types.h before __OFF_T_MATCHES_OFF64_T check
    - elf/tst-libc_dlvsym: Add a TEST_COMPAT around some symbol tests
    - hurd: define BSD 4.3 ioctls only under __USE_MISC
    - string: test strncasecmp and strncpy near page boundaries
    - linux: Simplify utimensat
    - linux: Simplify timerfd_settime
    - linux: Simplify timer_gettime
    - linux: Simplify sched_rr_get_interval
    - linux: Simplify ppoll
    - linux: Simplify mq_timedsend
    - linux: Simplify mq_timedreceive
    - linux: Simplify clock_settime
    - linux: Simplify clock_nanosleep
    - linux: Simplify clock_gettime
    - linux: Simplify clock_adjtime
    - linux: Add helper function to optimize 64-bit time_t fallback support
    - S390: Sync HWCAP names with kernel by adding aliases [BZ #25971]
    - [vcstocl] Import ProjectQuirks from its own file
    - build-many-glibcs.py: Add a s390x -O3 glibc variant.
    - Fix namespace violation in stdio.h and sys/stat.h if build with optimization. [BZ #26376]
    - Add C2x BOOL_MAX and BOOL_WIDTH to limits.h.
    - Use MPC 1.2.0 in build-many-glibcs.py.
    - Add new STATX_* constants from Linux 5.8 to bits/statx-generic.h.
    - Correct locking and cancellation cleanup in syslog functions (bug 26100)
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