6e8e9f Remove librtkaio support.

Authored and Committed by Carlos O'Donell 5 years ago
    Remove librtkaio support.
    The principal purpose of this change is to remove librtkaio support.
    The Fedora system wide change request is here:
    - Build require gcc-c++ for the C++ tests.
    - Support --without testsuite option to disable testing after build.
    - Support --without benchtests option to disable microbenchmarks.
    - Update --with bootstrap to disable benchtests, valgrind, documentation,
      selinux, and nss-crypt during bootstrap.
    - Support --without werror to disable building with -Werror.
    - Support --without docs to disable build requirement on texinfo.
    - Support --without valgrind to disable testing with valgrind.
    - Remove c_stubs add-on and enable fuller support for static binaries.
    - Remove librtkaio support (#1227855).
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