6f4d10f Restructure package and subpackage file list generation.

1 file Authored by codonell 2 years ago, Committed by Carlos O'Donell 2 years ago,
1 file changed. 271 lines added. 198 lines removed.
    Restructure package and subpackage file list generation.
    The file list geneation for the main package and subpackages was
    unorganized and poorly structured. With this commit we change this
    in three siginifcant ways:
    * All file lists are built independent of each other from a master
      list of files e.g. rpm.list. This is the important cleanup.
    * All files are installed into %{glibc_sysroot}, which defaults
      to $RPM_BUILD_ROOT. This supports future experimentation with
      alternate glibc installs via this new variable.
    * Redundant code is removed which is no longer required, like the
      debuginfo list de-duplication; simplifying the install process.
    The changes were tested by carrying out a file-by-file comparison
    to ensure no file changed packages or installed location after
    the patch.
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