c5ffb32 Auto-sync with upstream release 2.31

Authored and Committed by djdelorie a year ago
    Auto-sync with upstream release 2.31
    Upstream commit 9ea3686266dca3f004ba874745a4087a89682617
    - glibc 2.31 release
    - Generate ChangeLog.old/ChangeLog.20 for 2.31
    - Add bugs fixed in 2.31 in NEWS
    - Update newest tested versions of dependencies in install.texi
    - Add more contributors to the manual
    - Add note to NEWS about kernel headers dependency on risc-v
    - Add Portuguese (Portugal) translation
    - Add NEWS entry about 64-bit time_t syscall use on 32-bit targets
    - nptl: Avoid using PTHREAD_MUTEX_DEFAULT in macro definition [BZ #25271]
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