c996bd1 Auto-sync with upstream branch master

Authored and Committed by fweimer a year ago
    Auto-sync with upstream branch master
    Upstream commit: 70ba28f7ab2923d4e36ffc9d5d2e32357353b25c
    - Fix tst-pkey.c pkey_alloc return checks and manual
    - powerpc: Move cache line size to rtld_global_ro
    - powerpc: Initialize rtld_global_ro for static dlopen (swbz#20802)
    - Revert outdated translations
    - vcs-to-changelog: Add quirk for __nonnull
    - elf: Add elf/tst-dlopenfail-2 (swbz#25396, #1395758)
    - Clear GL(dl_initfirst) when freeing its link_map (swbz#25396, #1395758)
    - Update Translations
    - Fix "elf: Add tst-ldconfig-ld_so_conf-update test" on 32bit.
    - elf: Add tst-ldconfig-ld_so_conf-update test
    - sl_SI locale: Use "." as the thousands separator (swbz#25233)
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