#2 Add missing bundled provides
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Add missing bundled provides
Felipe Borges • 2 years ago  
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  Name:       gnome-connections

  Version:    40.0.1

- Release:    3%{?dist}

+ Release:    4%{?dist}

  Summary:    A remote desktop client for the GNOME desktop environment


  License:    GPLv3+
@@ -38,6 +38,8 @@ 

  Obsoletes:      remotely < 1.0-6



+ Provides: bundled(gtk-frdp)



  Connections is a remote desktop client for the GNOME desktop environment.

@@ -77,6 +79,9 @@ 




+ * Thu May 20 2021 Felipe Borges <feborges@redhat.com> - 40.0.1-4

+ - Add missing bundled provides


  * Mon May 10 2021 Artem Polishchuk <ego.cordatus@gmail.com> - 40.0.1-3

  - build: Replace Remotely due EOL with GNOME Connections for f35 | rh#1957981


We won't need a build for this.

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2 years ago

oh shoot, I pushed the branch to this repo instead of my fork, so no way to delete it. :tired_face:

Can you merge this to F34 as well? And kick off builds? I don't think this change does anything useful if you don't do a build -- product security afaik queries the builds in the repo to find bundled deps and without a build they won't have a way to do that.

We surely don't need new F34 builds for this. It should suffice for the Provides to be added in rawhide.

(Backporting the change to F34 is good to do, of course. But it can wait for the next regular F34 build IMO.)

Sure, I just wanted to point out here that this change doesn't take any effect without actually building it and shipping it.

In this case, it's a change that we want in RHEL 9 so it should also go to the F34 branch to help keep them in sync (which Felipe already did -- thanks!).