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How to build

  • Edit the date and the commit
# vim golang-github-facebook-time.spec
  • Pull the sources
# spectool -g golang-github-facebook-time.spec
  • Register new sources
# fedpkg new-sources time-e4f24e18edf7f30bee04eac28637027655996284.tar.gz

Mock build:

# fedpkg mockbuild
INFO: Cleaning up build root ('cleanup_on_success=True')
Start: clean chroot
Finish: clean chroot
Finish: run
  • Commit/merge
  • Build rawhide
# fedpkg build
  • Build other releases (including epel)
# release="f38"; git fetch && fedpkg switch-branch ${release} && git merge origin/rawhide && git push && fedpkg build
# bodhi updates new --autokarma --autotime --type enhancement --severity low --stable-karma 1 --notes "Updating golang-github-facebook-time to 20240422" golang-github-facebook-time-0^20240422gite4f24e1-3.fc38