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.TH GRPC_CLI\-CALL "1" "May 2021" "" "User Commands"
.B grpc_cli\ call
\(en call method
.B grpc_cli call
.I address
.RI [ service [\fB. method ]] 
.RI [ OPTION ]...\:
.I address
.IB host : port
.I service
Exported service name
.I method
Method name
.I request
Text protobuffer (overrides
.BR \-\-infile )
.B \-\-protofiles
Comma separated proto files used as a fallback when parsing request/response
.B \-\-proto_path
The search paths of proto files
.RB ( :
separated), valid only when
.B \-\-protofiles
is given
.B \-\-noremotedb
Don\(cqt attempt to use reflection service at all
.B \-\-metadata
The metadata to be sent to the server
.B \-\-infile
Input filename (defaults to
.IR stdin )
.B \-\-outfile
Output filename (defaults to
.IR stdout )
.B \-\-binary_input
Input in binary format
.B \-\-binary_output
Output in binary format
.B \-\-json_input
Input in json format
.B \-\-json_output
Output in json format
.B \-\-timeout
Specify timeout (in seconds), used to set the deadline for RPCs.
The default value of
.B \-1
means no deadline has been set.
.B \-\-ssl_target
Set server host for ssl validation
.B \-\-ssl_client_cert
Client cert for ssl
.B \-\-ssl_client_key
Client private key for ssl
.B \-\-local_connect_type
Set to
.B local_tcp
.B uds
.B \-\-channel_creds_type
Set to
.BR insecure ,
.BR ssl ,
.BR gdc ,
.BR alts ,
.B local
.B \-\-call_creds
Set to
.BR none ,
.BI access_token= token
.BR grpc_cli (1),
.BR grpc_cli\-ls (1),
.BR grpc_cli\-type (1),
.BR grpc_cli\-parse (1),
.BR grpc_cli\-totext (1),
.BR grpc_cli\-tojson (1),
.BR grpc_cli\-tobinary (1),
.BR grpc_cli\-help (1)