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# These are not real spelling errors...
addFilter(r' spelling-error .*[ \(]en_US\)? (microservices|auth|gRPC|'
          r'channelz|proto(buf)?|unary|rpc)|grpcio ')
# Maybe some of these are supposed to be CRNL-terminated:
addFilter(r' wrong-file-end-of-line-encoding '
# We generally follow upstream package metadata for these:
addFilter(r' description-shorter-than-summary')
# Many subpackages do not have their own documentation!
addFilter(r' no-documentation')
# We believe we have patched all calls to SSL_CTX_set_cipher_list with
# hard-coded values to use "PROFILE=SYSTEM" instead, thereby complying with the
# system policy.
addFilter(r' crypto-policy-non-compliance-openssl .* SSL_CTX_set_cipher_list')
# These will not dangle after the ca-certificates dependency is installed:
addFilter(r' dangling-relative-symlink .*\.pem$')
# We do not really have a way to work around this. It should be okay in
# practice. Hopefully the grpc_cli executable will become disentangled from the
# test libraries upstream and this will go away.
addFilter(r' shared-lib-without-dependency-information '
# There is nothing to document for these; they do not have --help output and
# are intended for program use.
addFilter(r' no-manual-page-for-binary grpc_.*_plugin$')
# There is really no version information available.
addFilter(r' unversioned-explicit-provides bundled\(upb\)')