b3bb2c6 Only build the Ruby plugin on Fedora >= 30

Authored and Committed by bochecha 3 years ago
    Only build the Ruby plugin on Fedora >= 30
    Fedora < 30 have protobuf 3.5, which doesn't have the required parts to
    build the Ruby plugin.
    We can't update protobuf there, because upstream bumped the soname which
    goes contrary to the Fedora update policy.
    As a result, if we want Fedora 28 and 29 to have gRPC, we have to
    disable its Ruby plugin.
    Upstream doesn't seem to have an easy way to just not build it, so this
    commit introduces a patch to remove it from the Makefile.
    This should be okay, since it's only temporary anyway: Fedora 30 (and
    future releases) already have a recent enough protobuf so this won't be
    necessary any more.
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