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# Modules always contain just 32-bit code
%define _libdir %{_exec_prefix}/lib

# 64bit machines use 32bit boot loader
# (We cannot just redefine _target_cpu, as we'd get i386.rpm packages then)
%ifarch x86_64
%define _target_platform i386-%{_vendor}-%{_target_os}%{?_gnu}

# Hack to include debuginfo for files, that wouldn't
# have spot, because they're either no longer ELF images, such as
# boot images, or are brutally and insensitively stripped, such as
# modules. See %%install.
# It's certainly not the nicest thing you've ever seen.
# We do not use -o here, as it's not supported in RHEL5
%define __debug_install_post                                            \
        # Gather debuginfo as usual                                     \
        /usr/lib/rpm/                                \\\
                %{_builddir}/%{?buildsubdir}                            \
                mv debugfiles.list debug1.list                          \
        # Gather debuginfo of modules from shadow build root            \
        RPM_BUILD_ROOT=%{_builddir}/%{?buildsubdir}/.debugroot        \\\
                /usr/lib/rpm/                        \\\
                %{_builddir}/%{?buildsubdir}                            \
                mv debugfiles.list debug2.list                          \
        # Merge debuginfos                                              \
        cp -a %{_builddir}/%{?buildsubdir}/.debugroot/usr/lib/debug   \\\
                $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/lib                                 \
        cp -a %{_builddir}/%{?buildsubdir}/.debugroot/usr/src/debug   \\\
                $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/src                                 \
        sort debug1.list debug2.list |uniq >debugfiles.list             \

Name:           grub2
Version:        1.98
Release:        0.6.20080827svn%{?dist}
Summary:        Bootloader with support for Linux, Multiboot and more

Group:          System Environment/Base
License:        GPLv3+
# svn -r1829 co svn://
# tar czf grub2.tar.gz --exclude .svn grub2
Source0:        grub2.tar.gz
Source1:        90_persistent
Source2:        grub.default
Source3:        README.Fedora
Patch1:         grub-1.98-prototypes.patch
Patch2:         grub-1.98-transform.patch
Patch4:         grub-1.95-grubdir.patch
Patch5:         grub-1.98-os.patch
Patch6:         grub-1.97-cfgmode.patch
Patch7:         grub-1.96-garbage.patch
Patch8:         grub-1.98-persistent.patch
Patch9:         grub-1.98-linuxsort.patch
Patch13:        grub2-preserve-symbols-v4.1.patch

BuildRoot:      %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-root-%(%{__id_u} -n)

BuildRequires:  flex bison ruby binutils
BuildRequires:  ncurses-devel lzo-devel
BuildRequires:  /usr/lib/crt1.o glibc-static

# grubby
Requires(pre):  mkinitrd
Requires(post): mkinitrd

# TODO: ppc and sparc
ExclusiveArch:  %{ix86} x86_64

This is the second version of the GRUB (Grand Unified Bootloader),
a highly configurable and customizable bootloader with modular
architecture.  It support rich scale of kernel formats, file systems,
computer architectures and hardware devices.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a development snapshot, and as such will not
replace grub if you install it, but will be merely added as another
kernel to your existing GRUB menu. Do not replace GRUB (grub package)
with it unless you know what are you doing. Refer to README.Fedora
file that is part of this package's documentation for more information.

%setup -q -n grub2

%patch1 -p0 -b .prototypes
%patch2 -p1 -b .transform
%patch4 -p1 -b .grubdir
%patch5 -p1 -b .os
%patch6 -p1 -b .cfgmode
%patch7 -p1 -b .garbage
%patch8 -p1 -b .persistent
%patch9 -p0 -b .linuxsort
%patch10 -p1 -b .dlsym
%patch13 -p1 -b .preserve-symbols

# README.Fedora
cp %{SOURCE3} .

# -static is needed so that autoconf script is able to link
# test that looks for _start symbol on 64 bit platforms
%configure TARGET_LDFLAGS=-static       \
        --with-platform=pc              \
        --enable-grub-emu               \
# TODO: Other platforms. Use alternatives system?
#       --with-platform=ieee1275        \
#       --with-platform=efi             \
#       --with-platform=i386-pc         \

#make %{?_smp_mflags}
#gcc -Inormal -I./normal -I. -Iinclude -I./include -Wall -W -DGRUB_LIBDIR=\"/usr/lib/`echo grub/i386-pc | sed 's&^&&;s,grub,grub2,'`\" -O2 -g -pipe -Wall -Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fexceptions -fstack-protector --param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -m64 -mtune=generic -DGRUB_UTIL=1  -MD -c -o grub_emu-normal_lexer.o normal/lexer.c
#In file included from normal/lexer.c:23:
#include/grub/script.h:26:29: error: No such file or directory

set -e

# Script that makes part of grub.cfg persist across updates
install -m 755 %{SOURCE1} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_sysconfdir}/grub.d/

# Ghost config file
install -d $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/boot/%{name}
touch $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/boot/%{name}/grub.cfg
ln -s ../boot/%{name}/grub.cfg $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_sysconfdir}/%{name}.cfg

# Install ELF files modules and images were created from into
# the shadow root, where debuginfo generator will grab them from
find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT -name '*.mod' -o -name '*.img' |
while read MODULE
        BASE=$(echo $MODULE |sed -r "s,.*/([^/]*)\.(mod|img),\1,")
        # Symbols from .img files are in .exec files, while .mod
        # modules store symbols in .elf. This is just because we
        # have both boot.img and boot.mod ...
        EXT=$(echo $MODULE |grep -q '.mod' && echo '.elf' || echo '.exec')
        TGT=$(echo $MODULE |sed "s,$RPM_BUILD_ROOT,.debugroot,")
        install -m 755 -D $BASE$EXT $TGT

# Defaults
install -m 644 -D %{SOURCE2} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_sysconfdir}/default/grub


exec >/dev/null 2>&1
# Create or reuse one from GRUB Legacy
cp -u /boot/grub/ /boot/%{name}/ 2>/dev/null ||
# Determine the partition with /boot
BOOT_PARTITION=$(df -h /boot |(read; awk '{print $1; exit}'))
# Generate core.img, but don't let it be installed in boot sector
%{name}-install --grub-setup=/bin/true $BOOT_PARTITION
# Remove stale menu.lst entries
/sbin/grubby --remove-kernel=/boot/%{name}/core.img
# Add core.img as multiboot kernel to GRUB Legacy menu
/sbin/grubby --add-kernel=/boot/%{name}/core.img --title="GNU GRUB 2, (%{version})"

exec >/dev/null
/sbin/grubby --remove-kernel=/boot/%{name}/core.img
# XXX Ugly
rm -f /boot/%{name}/*.mod
rm -f /boot/%{name}/*.img
rm -f /boot/%{name}/*.lst
rm -f /boot/%{name}/

%triggerin -- kernel, kernel-PAE
exec >/dev/null 2>&1
# Generate grub.cfg

%triggerun -- kernel, kernel-PAE
exec >/dev/null 2>&1
# Generate grub.cfg

%dir %{_sysconfdir}/grub.d
%config %{_sysconfdir}/grub.d/??_*
%dir /boot/%{name}
# Actually, this is replaced by update-grub from scriptlets,
# but it takes care of modified persistent part
%config(noreplace) /boot/%{name}/grub.cfg
%exclude %{_mandir}

* Fri Jul 24 2009 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.98-0.6.20080827svn
- Rebuilt for

* Sun Mar 01 2009 Lubomir Rintel <> - 1.98-0.4.20080827svn
- Add missing BR

* Tue Feb 24 2009 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.98-0.4.20080827svn
- Rebuilt for

* Wed Aug 27 2008 Lubomir Rintel <> - 1.98-0.3.20080827svn
- Updated SVN snapshot
- Added huge fat warnings

* Fri Aug 08 2008 Lubomir Rintel <> - 1.98-0.2.20080807svn
- Correct scriptlet dependencies, trigger on kernel-PAE (thanks to Till Maas)
- Fix build on x86_64 (thanks to Marek Mahut)

* Thu Aug 07 2008 Lubomir Rintel <> 1.98-0.1.20080807svn
- Another snapshot
- And much more!

* Mon May 12 2008 Lubomir Kundrak <> 1.97-0.1.20080512cvs
- CVS snapshot
- buildid patch upstreamed

* Sat Apr 12 2008 Lubomir Kundrak <> 1.96-2
- Pull in 32 bit glibc
- Fix builds on 64 bit

* Sun Mar 16 2008 Lubomir Kundrak <> 1.96-1
- New upstream release
- More transformation fixes
- Generate -debuginfo from modules again. This time for real.
- grubby stub
- Make it possible to do configuration changes directly in grub.cfg
- grub.cfg symlink in /etc

* Thu Feb 14 2008 Lubomir Kundrak <> 1.95.cvs20080214-3
- Update to latest trunk
- Manual pages
- Add pci.c to DISTLIST

* Mon Nov 26 2007 Lubomir Kundrak <> 1.95.cvs20071119-2
- Fix program name transformation in utils
- Moved the modules to /lib
- Generate -debuginfo from modules again

* Sun Nov 18 2007 Lubomir Kundrak <> 1.95.cvs20071119-1
- Synchronized with CVS, major specfile cleanup

* Mon Jan 30 2007 Lubomir Kundrak <> 1.95-lkundrak1
- Removed redundant filelist entries

* Mon Jan 29 2007 Lubomir Kundrak <> 1.95-lkundrak0
- Program name transformation
- Bump to 1.95
- grub-probefs -> grub-probe
- Add modules to -debuginfo

* Tue Sep 12 2006 Lubomir Kundrak <> 1.94-lkundrak0
- built the package