212d82 Lots of .spec fixes from Mads Kiilerich:

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    Lots of .spec fixes from Mads Kiilerich:
    Remove comment about update-grub - it isn't run in any scriptlets
    patch info pages so they can be installed and removed correctly when renamed
    fix references to grub/grub2 renames in info pages (#743964)
    update README.Fedora (#734090)
    fix comments for the hack for upgrading from grub2 < 1.99-4
    fix sed syntax error preventing use of $RPM_OPT_FLAGS (#704820)
    make /etc/grub2*.cfg %config(noreplace)
    make grub.cfg %ghost - an empty file is of no use anyway
    create /etc/default/grub more like anaconda would create it (#678453)
    don't create rescue entries by default - grubby will not maintain them anyway
    set GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT=true so saved defaults works (rbhz#732058)
    grub2-efi should have its own bash completion
    don't set gfxpayload in efi mode - backport upstream r3402
    Handle dmraid better. Resolves: rhbz#742226
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