67f07b7 Another set of fixes for 2.06

Authored and Committed by javierm 2 months ago
    Another set of fixes for 2.06
    - Add luks2 to GRUB_MODULES
    - 20-grub-install: Create a symvers.gz symbolic link
    - 20-grub-install: Always use fedora as the boot entry --class
      Resolves: rhbz#1957014
    - grub.macros: Install font in /boot/grub2 instead of the ESP
      Resolves: rhbz#1739762
    - grub.macros: Use consistent file mode for legacy and EFI
      Resolves: rhbz#1965794
    - Drop grub2 prelink configuration
      Resolves: rhbz#1659675
    - Remove triggers needed to upgrade from legacy GRUB
    - Don't harcode grub2 in the spec file
    - Update to unifont-13.0.06
      Resolves: rhbz#1939125
    - 20-grub-install: Use relative paths for btrfs in BLS snippets
      Resolves: rhbz#1906191
    - Don't update the cmdline when generating legacy menuentry commands
    - Suppress gettext error message
      Resolves: rhbz#1592124
    - grub-boot-success.timer: Only run if not in a container
      Resolves: rhbz#1914571
    - grub-set-password: Always use /boot/grub2/user.cfg as password default
      Resolves: rhbz#1955294
    - Remove outdated URL for BLS document
      Resolves: rhbz#1926453
    - templates: Check for EFI at runtime instead of config generation time
      Resolves: rhbz#1823864
    - efi: Print an error if boot to firmware setup is not supported
      Resolves: rhbz#1823864
    Signed-off-by: Javier Martinez Canillas <javierm@redhat.com>
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