eb5089 Fix upgrades from grub2 < 1.99-4 (#735259)

Authored and Committed by kalev 8 years ago
1 file changed. 28 lines added. 1 lines removed.
    Fix upgrades from grub2 < 1.99-4 (#735259)
    grub2 versions older than 1.99-4 had the following in %preun:
      # XXX Ugly
      rm -f /boot/%{name}/*.mod
      rm -f /boot/%{name}/*.img
      rm -f /boot/%{name}/*.lst
      rm -f /boot/%{name}/device.map
    This change tries to work around the damage caused on upgrades, by first
    backuping the files and later restoring them after the old packages's
    %preun has been run.
    Complements the change in 5c9195d.
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