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UNAME=$(shell uname) DEBUG=1 COVERAGE=0 INSTALL=install FLEX=flex BISON=bison

Fedora changes begin


Fedora changes end

In dist tarballs, the version is stored in the I3_VERSION and VERSION files.

I3_VERSION := '$(shell [ -f $(TOPDIR)/I3_VERSION ] && cat $(TOPDIR)/I3_VERSION)' VERSION := '$(shell [ -f $(TOPDIR)/VERSION ] && cat $(TOPDIR)/VERSION)' ifeq ('',$(I3_VERSION)) VERSION := $(shell git describe --tags --abbrev=0) I3_VERSION := '$(shell git describe --tags --always) ($(shell git log --pretty=format:%cd --date=short -n1), branch \"$(shell git describe --tags --always --all | sed s:heads/::)\")' endif

MAJOR_VERSION := $(shell echo ${VERSION} | cut -d '.' -f 1) MINOR_VERSION := $(shell echo ${VERSION} | cut -d '.' -f 2) PATCH_VERSION := $(shell echo ${VERSION} | cut -d '.' -f 3) ifeq (${PATCH_VERSION},) PATCH_VERSION := 0 endif

Generic flags

Default CFLAGS that users should be able to override

ifeq ($(DEBUG),1)

Extended debugging flags, macros shall be available in gcc

CFLAGS ?= -pipe -gdwarf-2 -g3 else CFLAGS ?= -pipe -O2 -freorder-blocks-and-partition endif

Default LDFLAGS that users should be able to override

LDFLAGS ?= $(as_needed_LDFLAG)

Common CFLAGS for all i3 related binaries

Fedora changes begin


Fedora changes end

I3_CFLAGS += -Wall

unused-function, unused-label, unused-variable are turned on by -Wall

We don’t want unused-parameter because of the use of many callbacks

I3_CFLAGS += -Wunused-value I3_CFLAGS += -Iinclude


Libraries flags

ifeq ($(shell which pkg-config 2>/dev/null 1>/dev/null || echo 1),1) $(error "pkg-config was not found") endif

An easier way to get CFLAGS and LDFLAGS falling back in case there's

no pkg-config support for certain libraries.

NOTE that you must not use a blank after comma when calling this:

$(call ldflags_for_lib name, fallback) # bad

$(call ldflags_for_lib name,fallback) # good

Otherwise, the compiler will get -l foo instead of -lfoo

We redirect stderr to /dev/null because pkg-config prints an error if support

for gnome-config was enabled but gnome-config is not actually installed.

cflags_for_lib = $(shell pkg-config --silence-errors --cflags $(1) 2>/dev/null) ldflags_for_lib = $(shell pkg-config --exists 2>/dev/null $(1) && pkg-config --libs $(1) 2>/dev/null || echo -l$(2))

XCB common stuff

XCB_CFLAGS := $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb) XCB_CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb-event) XCB_LIBS := $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb,xcb) XCB_LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb-event,xcb-event) ifeq ($(shell pkg-config --exists xcb-util 2>/dev/null || echo 1),1) XCB_CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb-atom) XCB_CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb-aux) XCB_LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb-atom,xcb-atom) XCB_LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb-aux,xcb-aux) XCB_CPPFLAGS+= -DXCB_COMPAT else XCB_CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb-util) XCB_LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb-util) endif

XCB keyboard stuff

XCB_KBD_CFLAGS := $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb-keysyms) XCB_KBD_LIBS := $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb-keysyms,xcb-keysyms)

XCB WM stuff

XCB_WM_CFLAGS := $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb-icccm) XCB_WM_CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb-xinerama) XCB_WM_CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb-randr) XCB_WM_LIBS := $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb-icccm,xcb-icccm) XCB_WM_LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb-xinerama,xcb-xinerama) XCB_WM_LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb-randr,xcb-randr)


X11_CFLAGS := $(call cflags_for_lib, x11) X11_LIBS := $(call ldflags_for_lib, x11,X11)


XCURSOR_CFLAGS := $(call cflags_for_lib, xcursor) XCURSOR_LIBS := $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcursor,Xcursor)


YAJL_CFLAGS := $(call cflags_for_lib, yajl)

Fallback for libyajl 1 which did not include yajl_version.h. We need

YAJL_MAJOR from that file to decide which code path should be used.

YAJL_CFLAGS += -idirafter $(TOPDIR)/yajl-fallback YAJL_LIBS := $(call ldflags_for_lib, yajl,yajl)


LIBEV_CFLAGS := $(call cflags_for_lib, libev) LIBEV_LIBS := $(call ldflags_for_lib, libev,ev)


PCRE_CFLAGS := $(call cflags_for_lib, libpcre) ifeq ($(shell pkg-config --atleast-version=8.10 libpcre 2>/dev/null && echo 1),1) I3_CPPFLAGS += -DPCRE_HAS_UCP=1 endif PCRE_LIBS := $(call ldflags_for_lib, libpcre,pcre)


LIBSN_CFLAGS := $(call cflags_for_lib, libstartup-notification-1.0) LIBSN_LIBS := $(call ldflags_for_lib, libstartup-notification-1.0,startup-notification-1)


PANGO_CFLAGS := $(call cflags_for_lib, cairo) PANGO_CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, pangocairo) I3_CPPFLAGS += -DPANGO_SUPPORT=1 PANGO_LIBS := $(call ldflags_for_lib, cairo) PANGO_LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, pangocairo)


LIBS = -L$(TOPDIR) -li3

Platform-specific flags

Please test if -Wl,--as-needed works on your platform and send me a patch.

it is known not to work on Darwin (Mac OS X)

ifneq (,$(filter Linux GNU GNU/%, $(UNAME))) as_needed_LDFLAG = -Wl,--as-needed endif

ifeq ($(UNAME),NetBSD)

We need -idirafter instead of -I to prefer the system’s iconv over GNU libiconv

I3_CFLAGS += -idirafter /usr/pkg/include I3_LDFLAGS += -Wl,-rpath,/usr/local/lib -Wl,-rpath,/usr/pkg/lib endif

ifeq ($(UNAME),OpenBSD) I3_CFLAGS += -I${X11BASE}/include LIBS += -liconv I3_LDFLAGS += -L${X11BASE}/lib endif

ifeq ($(UNAME),FreeBSD) LIBS += -liconv endif

ifeq ($(UNAME),Darwin) LIBS += -liconv else

Darwin (Mac OS X) doesn’t have librt

LIBS += -lrt endif

ifneq (,$(filter Linux GNU GNU/%, $(UNAME))) I3_CPPFLAGS += -D_GNU_SOURCE endif

ifeq ($(COVERAGE),1) I3_CFLAGS += -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage LIBS += -lgcov endif

V ?= 0 ifeq ($(V),0)

Don’t print command lines which are run


echo-ing vars

V_ASCIIDOC = echo ASCIIDOC $@; V_POD2HTML = echo POD2HTML $@; V_POD2MAN = echo POD2MAN $@; V_A2X = echo A2X $@; endif

Always remake the following targets

.PHONY: install clean dist distclean