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INSTALL=install -p PREFIX=PUTINPREFIXHERE SYSCONFDIR=PUTINSYSCONFDIRHERE TERM_EMU=xterm GIT_VERSION:=4.0.1 VERSION:=4.0.1 cflags_for_lib = $(shell pkg-config --silence-errors --cflags $(1)) ldflags_for_lib = $(shell pkg-config --exists $(1) && pkg-config --libs $(1) || echo -l$(2))

CFLAGS += PUTINOPTFLAGSHERE -std=c99 -std=gnu99 CFLAGS += -IPUTININCLUDEDIRHERE CFLAGS += -IPUTININCLUDEDIRHERE/libev CFLAGS += -Wunused-result CFLAGS += -Wunused-value CFLAGS += -Iinclude CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb-keysyms) ifeq ($(shell pkg-config --exists xcb-util || echo 1),1) CPPFLAGS += -DXCB_COMPAT CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb-atom) CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb-aux) else CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb-util) endif CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb-icccm) CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb-xinerama) CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb-randr) CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, xcb) CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, xcursor) CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, x11) CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, yajl) CFLAGS += $(call cflags_for_lib, libev) CPPFLAGS += -DI3_VERSION=\"${GIT_VERSION}\" CPPFLAGS += -DSYSCONFDIR=\"${SYSCONFDIR}\" CPPFLAGS += -DTERM_EMU=\"$(TERM_EMU)\"

LIBS += -lm LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb-event, xcb-event) LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb-keysyms, xcb-keysyms) ifeq ($(shell pkg-config --exists xcb-util || echo 1),1) LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb-atom, xcb-atom) LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb-aux, xcb-aux) else LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb-util) endif LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb-icccm, xcb-icccm) LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb-xinerama, xcb-xinerama) LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb-randr, xcb-randr) LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcb, xcb) LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, xcursor, Xcursor) LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, x11, X11) LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, yajl, yajl) LIBS += $(call ldflags_for_lib, libev, ev)

Please test if -Wl,--as-needed works on your platform and send me a patch.

it is known not to work on Darwin (Mac OS X)

ifneq (,$(filter Linux GNU GNU/%, $(UNAME)))

LDFLAGS += -Wl,--as-needed


CFLAGS += -idirafter $(TOPDIR)/yajl-fallback

ifneq (,$(filter Linux GNU GNU/%, $(UNAME)))



.PHONY: install clean dist distclean