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#grab gofed from
#follow instructions for install

#choose which version of the repo you want to build. For ignition it was 0.2.6 and the commit was 76107251acd117c6d3e5b4dae2b47f82f944984b

[vagrant@vanilla-f28 ~]$ gofed repo2spec --detect --commit 76107251acd117c6d3e5b4dae2b47f82f944984b  --with-extra --with-build -f                                                                                                                                                 
Repo URL:
Commit: 76107251acd117c6d3e5b4dae2b47f82f944984b
Name: golang-github-coreos-ignition

(1/4) Checking if the package already exists in PkgDB
(2/4) Collecting data
(3/4) Generating spec file
(4/4) Discovering golang dependencies
Discovering package dependencies
        Class: (golang-github-ajeddeloh-go-json) PkgDB=False                                                             
        Class: (golang-github-aws-aws-sdk-go) PkgDB=True                                                                    
        Class: (golang-github-coreos-go-semver) PkgDB=True                                                                
        Class: (golang-github-coreos-go-systemd) PkgDB=True                                                              
        Class: (golang-github-pin-tftp) PkgDB=False
        Class: (golang-github-sigma-vmw-guestinfo) PkgDB=False                                                         
        Class: (golang-github-vincent-petithory-dataurl) PkgDB=False                                             
        Class: (golang-github-vmware-vmw-ovflib) PkgDB=False                                                             

Discovering test dependencies
        Class: (golang-github-stretchr-testify) PkgDB=True                                                                

Spec file golang-github-coreos-ignition.spec at /home/vagrant/golang-github-coreos-ignition         

# spec file now at /home/vagrant/golang-github-coreos-ignition/golang-github-coreos-ignition.spec

# go through and fix things up - see diff

# generate bundled provides by copying/using parsedeps.go to the ignition
# source folder and then running `go run parsedeps.go`. copy into spec file
# should be done by gofed at some point -

# grab source tarball
# rpmspec -P ignition.spec | grep Source0
# pushd $HOME/rpmbuild/SOURCES/
# curl -L -O $URL
# popd 

# build RPM
$ rpmbuild -ba ignition.spec

# find a srpm in `$HOME/rpmbuild/SRPMS`
# find a RPM in `$HOME/rpmbuild/RPM/arch/`
# see if the dependencies are proper

$ rpm -qpR $HOME/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/ignition-0.26.0-0.1.git7610725.fc28.x86_64.rpm

# setup to run koji, ref:
$ fedora-packager-setup
$ kinit <username>@FEDORAPROJECT.ORG

# to build it on koji run:
$ koji build --scratch rawhide /path/to/srpm/ignition-0.26.0-0.1.git7610725.fc28.src.rpm